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Capturing a small piece of Norway

Cows along Tindewegen

PICSPIRATION SUNDAY:  It strikes me every time I drive to new places in Norway: Why don´t I travel more in my own country?

Last week I shared photos of the Polish model Anita Sikorska in Picspiration Sunday.  So I figured I should change genre completely this week.

This photo is taken along Tindevegen (the Tinde road) in Sogn in Norway this summer. Tindevegen is a narrow and steep mountain road through majestic landscape.

About the photo

On holiday I love to have lots of time when driving in new landscapes. That way I can stop the car immediately if I see a situation I think might give me a good photo. So it was also with these cows.

They were not afraid – and allowed me to move up very close. But I wanted it not only to be a photo of cows – but to frame them in the beautiful – and very typical Norwegian – mountain landscape.

Freia melkesjokoladeI immediately remembered advertisements from one of Norway´s oldest and most popular chocolates: Freia Melkesjokolade (Freia Milk Chocolate). This chocolate has often been branded with images of cows in beautiful Norwegian landscape.  And the slogan? “Et lite stykke Norge” = “A small piece of Norway”.

So I decided to recreate some of the same feeling. Here is the result.

Tecnical info

ISO 200. I chose aperture f/13 to get good depth of field and maximum sharpness of the lens.

The photo is handheld HDR composed of three exposures: 1/50 sec, 1/200 sec and 1/800.  It has been edited in Lightroom, HDR Efex Pro and Photoshop.

Photo location

Other photos from same shoot

Here is a different version from the same situation. This one is a single exposure, and not HDR. I am actually in doubt which one I like best. What do you think? I would love if you leave your thoughts in the comments.

Cows along TIndevegen. Photo: John Einar Sandvand
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