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Photographing street musicians on the beach promenade in Tel Aviv

Street musicians in Tel Aviv. Photo: John Einar Sandvand

PICSPIRATION SUNDAY: I love strolling along a beach promenade in the sunset hour. Here is a street photo from Tel Aviv.

This summer I went to Israel for a few days together with my son. Despite the unrest we had some beautiful days in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

For me the best time to photograph is the last hour before and after sunset, whether I take photos of landscapes or people. The light is beautiful at that time – and the colors golden.

About the photo

This photo is taken at an evening stroll along the long beach promenade in Tel Aviv.  The promenade was crowded with people, many of them beach goers. Colors were beautiful

I was taking a lot of photos, but liked this image of the street musicians best.  They were so much into their music – and framed by the golden skies.

Technical info

It was getting darker – and I had to crank up ISO to 800. The shutter speed is 1/200 sec – and the aperture f/6.3.  In Lightroom I have increased contrast a bit – and lowered exposure on the upper part and lightened up the lower part.

Photo location

Other photos from this shoot

telaviv-2 telaviv


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